Thank you for saying YES and taking the first step in Creating Opportunities and overcoming challenges in your life!

A Queen Making Experience provides year-round workshops, lunch and learn events, and hosts multi-day retreats that provide tools and strategies for women to recognize their incredible worth and move forward in strength and grace working through six key steps.

1. Overcome fears.

2. Surround themselves with people who believe in them.

3. Embrace the gifts and talents they’ve been given.

4. Dream, their own dreams.

5. Set goals around their dreams.

6. Create a roadmap to turn your dreams into realities.

Queen Making Experience events are a safe place for women to share, release, and rebuild mindset, hope and confidence.

  • My dearest Friend and Mentor, thank you. Your faith and support of who I am and what I do, combined with allowing God to take care of things both inside and outside of myself, are making my dreams a reality. WOW!!! I am eternally grateful for allowing me to have you in my life. --Jill
  • Her persistent edifying tools she uses brings everyone she meets to a positive outlet as they journey through life. --Robin
  • Celeste is a great friend, mentor and leader. She can talk the talk because she always walks the walk…genuinely a kind-hearted person and a blessing to have in my life. --James
  • Celeste is an amazing business woman. She is always encouraging women everywhere to continue building themselves and their businesses up, as well as working diligently to wherever life leads her. --Kami
  • Celeste inspire me... not only as a mother, wife, Christian... but as a business woman too!!! You are brilliant!  --Crissy
  • You’re absolutely the best coach and I’m not just saying that because you’re my coach. I’m saying it because before you became my coach I did not know how far I could push my softball abilities. And now look where they are. You have done so much for me and I don’t know how to thank you enough. --Courtney K.
  • Celeste, thank you for your investment I'm me and always uplifting me! --Speedy
  • You are an inspiration and joy - and your expanded presence and influence are humbling to watch.  Keep shining your light beautiful, radiant, brilliant Queen of Queens. --Lisa Marie
  • You are so amazing, you are encouraging, supportive, insightful, uplifting - there are not enough words to describe who you are and what you mean to me! Celeste Ducharme you are AWESOME! So glad you are my friend, and so greatfull for you are part of JDS thank you. --Diane
  • You go Queen 👑 your amazing mama. I have chills just writing this. Your such an inspiration and I am so happy I met you. Keep going! -Justine
  • The Queen I Am Some time ago I lost my way, the reason why I could not say. I’ve been through a lot, put up a good fight, yet day after day, I couldn’t find the light. Then one day I received a request, would I be a model, dressed in the best? Although I was scared, I answered “sure”, and on that day, magic began to occur. That day I met women much like me, who fought our cancers, and became cancer-free. But the most important person I met on that day, my Mentor, Celeste, who offered me a way. She told us all if we so dared, we could become Queens, if we were willing to share. Banish our demons with prayer and with hope, and leave with the tools we needed to cope. The work was hard but I always did try, although at times it felt easier to die. I learned to let God take care of my stress, and with His help I fixed my life mess. And then one day I began to see, “The Queen inside, the Queen that’s me!” Thank you Celeste for the gifts you gave, because of you, I have found my way. -Jill French
  • Queen Making has been a life changer for me. Through Celeste’s coaching and encouragement I was able to heal and push past a year of loss and become open and willing to dream, believe and achieve. --Daneen
  • You are such an amazing, strong, and beautiful woman that inspires me everyday. Thank you for always believing in me and supporting my dreams. I wouldn’t be who i am with out you. --Courtney
  • Responsiveness, loyalty, team builder, self-starter, trustworthy and an excellent communicator. As the owner and founder of the Rancon Group of companies, I have employed thousands of individuals and I honestly put Celeste in the top 1%. -Dan
  • Celeste has had an immeasurable impact on the young ladies in our school through her mentorship, coaching, and service. As a mentor, Celeste is an outstanding role model and provides endless encouragement to the girls on her softball team. She coaches them to be outstanding players on the diamond through her well-planned, organized, focused practices. She encourages them with daily devotions and takes advantages of opportunities to teach life lessons. She challenges the girls to work collectively to achieve something they could never achieve alone. She is the ultimate example of a servant leader!  --Amber